The Alex Jones Show Content For Your Local Station

We want to support and help grow your local markets and businesses. This is why we have made it as easy as possible for station managers and program directors to use our radio content for their local broadcasts. We hope that we can provide quality broadcasts for stations to market and generate revenue. Below you’ll find instructions on how to receive our radio content.

Become an Affiliate Today

FIRST: Download & return our quick and easy affiliate agreement.


SECOND: Get the appropriate program clock, and know where to insert local ad inventory.


LAST: Make sure you’re setup with the proper method of broadcast.

Westwood One Satellite Receivers (XDS) (Live/Delay)

  1. Log into local XDS program schedule
  2. Select:
    ‘Alex Jones — — Weekday Edition’ or
    ‘Alex Jones — — Sunday Edition’
  3. Set your local broadcast time, live and delay options
  4. Commit to receiver

Download Files (Static Audio Files) (Delay)

  • Get our radio broadcasts in packaged audio formats
  • Pre-cut into segments for ease of insertion
  • Available in audio files by segment or by full hours

Audio Streams (IP Link) (Live)

  • Get access to our IP based high-quality audio streams

Local Advertising Time and Barter

Up to 12 minutes (weekday broadcast) and 14 minutes local (Sunday broadcast), including the optional top of the hour news segment (5 minutes). No make goods required for hour(s) missed ever. Infowars stations are also at advantage and have access to potential opportunities by with working together with our sales team and working towards increasing local ad revenue.

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